Keir Starmer

Update 18th November 2016

Apologies to one and all for the delay getting weekly updates out: having missed a few weeks, calling it a weekly update seems a little bit far-fetched. My only mitigation is that I have been extremely busy. Continue reading

Weekly update 17th October 2016

Taiwan death penalty, Brexit, Mo Haque, Parliament Hill School, Air Pollution, & Cable Street 80.  Apologies for the delayed weekly update: things have been a little busy! Continue reading

weekly update October 3rd 2016

Keir weekly diary October 3rd 2016 Labour Party Conference; combating sexual violence; human rights in Scotland. Continue reading

Weekly Update 25th September

Leadership election outcome; Camden Mind surgery; policing in Northern Ireland; Birmingham Labour Lawyers; and Labour Party Conference. Continue reading

Weekly update 19th September 2016

Busy week of parliamentary and constituency matters: HS2, Boundary review, domestic abuse and local small businesses. Continue reading

Weekly update 9th September 2016

Busy week…  Parliament is back in session, HS2 is being considered in the House of Lords, we have had a well-informed public meeting on the terrible problem of air pollution and – on a more cheerful note, Gospel Oak held a very pleasant fund-raising evening in at Ravel's Bistro, a local restaurant! More on all these subjects below.   Continue reading

Weekly update 2nd September 2016

This week has felt very much like the ‘back to school on Monday’ week. I have been in Parliament working on constituency matters and issues for the end of recess next week, including Home Office Questions and an important private Members Bill on protecting workplace rights in light of the EU Referendum.  Last week, Vic and I and our children visited Brendan Cox (Jo’s husband) and their children and spent the day with them canoeing and swimming in the Wye River. We were down in the Forest of Dean, which was calm and peaceful.  The next few weeks, by contrast, will be very busy!    Continue reading

Weekly update 18th August 2016

The sun is up, the sky is blue and summer is really here! I hope you have been able to take a break, as I managed to do with my own family. But politics has certainly not come to a halt. There are worrying developments in the NHS, with warning signs of the stress the system is under. And the first indications of the impact of the European Union referendum suggest that the concerns about the implications of Brexit were far from exaggerated. Continue reading

Weekly update 25th July 2016

A busy week focused on key constituency matters this week: housing, inequality, and remembering the holocaust. Plus, a word on the leadership election. Continue reading

Weekly update 18th July 2016

The lasy week took in an extremely well attended public meeting on Brexit, discussion at the Fabian Society ‘Future of Britain’ event, ongoing work with Voice4Victims, a visit to Getty Images, and more. Continue reading