Keir Starmer

Weekly update 25th July 2016

A busy week focused on key constituency matters this week: housing, inequality, and remembering the holocaust. Plus, a word on the leadership election. Continue reading

Weekly update 18th July 2016

The lasy week took in an extremely well attended public meeting on Brexit, discussion at the Fabian Society ‘Future of Britain’ event, ongoing work with Voice4Victims, a visit to Getty Images, and more. Continue reading

Weekly update 11th July 2016

The EU Referendum two weeks on, my response to the Chilcot Report, a visit to Arlington House - and much more in a look back on my last week.  Continue reading

EU referendum: The next steps

Since the Referendum result, I have received over 1200 emails from constituents, the vast majority of whom – like me – voted to stay in the EU and are now concerned about the next steps forward.   My own view, at present, is that Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, which starts the exit procedure, should not be invoked without a vote in the House of Commons. Before any such vote takes place, MPs and my constituents are entitled to know the basis upon which the government intends to proceed. The process should not therefore be rushed and it certainly should not start straight away.  Leaving the EU will also require repealing the European Communities Act 1972, which again is a matter for Parliament. Before that happens, my constituents have the right to know the terms on which the government seeks to withdraw from the EU and the type of relationship the Government suggests we should have with the EU in future. Again, I believe there should be a full and open public debate about this before any vote in Parliament is taken.  Given the huge public concern about this, I will be holding a public meeting along with Council leader, Sarah Hayward, at 7.30pm on Thursday 14th July in Camden Town Hall to discuss the way forward. I hope you and as many local residents as possible are able to join me.

Weekly update 13th June 2016

Apologies for no update last week; I was leading for Labour on the Investigatory Powers Bill and with over 400 amendments to deal with I had my hands full. Happily the Bill finished in the commons on Tuesday night and is now with the Lords.  I am glad to report that we got very significant concessions out of the government, including a review of the so called ‘bulk’ powers, an overarching privacy clauses and protection for trade unions. Continue reading

Weekly update 31st May 2016

The last week featured the EU referendum campaign, a Crossrail visit, Immigration visits to Kent and the North West, Show Racism the Red Card at 20, the Kentish Town Festival & the Fabians Summer Conference. Continue reading

Weekly Update 23rd May 2016

The last week has been dominated by EU (as will the next few weeks I suspect), with four speeches last week alone from me on the topic. Other issues were the Queen’s Speech, human rights, Northern Ireland and seasonal workers in Kent! Continue reading

Week Update 13th May 2016

The Dubs amendment on child refugees finally succeeds, Sadiq’s first week, a non answer from the PM on housing, showing racism the red card at Arsenal, the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan, Food Banks and more. Continue reading

Weekly Update 7th May 2016

A varied and busy week, ending with a superb victory for Sadiq Khan in London! Continue reading

Weekly update 29th April 2016

What a week! Fighting to get the government to take 3000 stranded refugee children from Europe, the Hillsborough inquest verdicts and the suspension of Ken Livingstone.  Before I get down to explaining what’s taken place over the last week I just wanted to share with you this photograph from the Primary Career Conference organised for 26 schools at the British Library.  What an inspirational, fun event! Helping these pupils begin to think about their futures…more below.   Continue reading