Keir Starmer

Weekly Update 22nd April 2016

Most of my Parliamentary work this week has centred on the Investigatory Powers Bill, which is still grinding its way through its committee stage – clause by clause.  Rather than detailing this important but technical work I thought I would let you know about the rest of my week: my tour to Colchester, Ipswich and Cambridge (mentioned in my previous diary) fighting HS2 and meeting some really inspiring members of our community! Continue reading

Immigration and Refugees: Listening and learning in Colchester, Ipswich and Cambridge

On Friday I was in the East of England – as part of my tour to hear from and discuss issues concerning immigration and refugees, who are part of my brief.   I’ve been to Scotland, Northern Ireland and across the North of England. Other destinations are in the planning.   It’s been fascinating and I have learnt a great deal. But I thought I would share some images of what one day includes.   Hectic and tiring, but well worth it! Continue reading

Weekly update 15th April 2016

Work on the investigatory powers bill continued and the London Mayoral campaign rolls on. That, and more, this week. Continue reading

Weekly update 8th April 2016

It’s been a week of working from home. Not because Parliament is in recess, but because of a torn ligament in my knee. Very frustrating. I have had to cancel events. But being cooped up at home has had its advantages, and we have managed to register a glorious and quite unexpected victory! But please read on…   Continue reading

Weekly update 25th March 2016

This week was dominated by the HS2 Bill, which I voted against on Wednesday. It also included campaigning for the London elections, the start of the next stage of the Investigatory Powers Bill and a campaign to support local cafés in Hampstead Heath. Continue reading

Weekly update 18th March 2016

A bit of just about everything this week! A weak and speculative budget, the Investigatory Powers Bill and lots of discussions and meetings about refugee and immigration in Camden and Sheffield.  Continue reading

Weekly update 11th March 2016

This week was dominated by debates, visits and speeches on Immigration, but it also included a welcome Commons defeat for the Government and a great fundraising evening for Sadiq at the London Aquarium. Continue reading

Weekly update 5th March 2016

This week has been focused on the investigatory powers bill and then a trip to Glasgow, hosted by Scottish Labour.  Continue reading

Weekly update 26th February 2016

A busy two weeks: I was away during recess/half-term in Bangladesh. Since returning at the weekend, this week has been dominated by Europe and HS2. Continue reading

Weekly update 12th February 2016

At the end of last week, I started my series of meetings around the country to talk to residents, community groups and interested parties about immigration. Here is the background to my visits. It's been very interesting so far. That, and much else, this week. Continue reading