Keir Starmer

Weekly update 5th March 2016

This week has been focused on the investigatory powers bill and then a trip to Glasgow, hosted by Scottish Labour.  Continue reading

Weekly update 26th February 2016

A busy two weeks: I was away during recess/half-term in Bangladesh. Since returning at the weekend, this week has been dominated by Europe and HS2. Continue reading

Weekly update 12th February 2016

At the end of last week, I started my series of meetings around the country to talk to residents, community groups and interested parties about immigration. Here is the background to my visits. It's been very interesting so far. That, and much else, this week. Continue reading

Weekly update 5th February 2016

This week I am beginning a tour of Britain to help shape Labour’s policy on migration and refugees. It is a big piece of work and my aim is to visit as many parts of the country and to meet the widest possible range of people. It is vital that we draft policy in this difficult and complex area after having consulted as widely as possible. That process is already underway. But – as ever – there has been a great deal more under way. Among the most enjoyable was a lively debate in the constituency involving nearly 200 people! On a less positive note I am sorry to report that there was not time to debate my draft Victim’s Bill last Friday. It is not the last opportunity for it to come before Parliament and in any case it will provide a benchmark against which future legislation can be measured. Continue reading

What the holocaust means to me – the experience of Eden Lunghy

Last November Eden Lunghy – a student at La Sainte Union Convent School - visited the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.  She spoke about the trip at the William Ellis commemoration and has kindly agreed to share what it meant to her.  Continue reading

Weekly update 29th January 2016

Lots of very significant events this week, ranging from very moving Holocaust Memorial events, to my Immigration roundtables and my Victims Bill.  Continue reading

New surgeries and Meet Your MP events

When elected as the MP for Holborn & St Pancras, I promised to be a community-facing accessible MP.Since then I have been in touch with over 500 community groups, attended dozens of local meetings and spoken to thousands of constituents. I have also held very busy advice surgeries every fortnight.I now want to step up a gear and pilot two further initiatives in order to make it easier for constituents to raise issues of concern with me.First, I have organised a number of 'Meet Your MP' sessions, open to anyone in the constituency who wants to come along and say hello, raise any point they want with me or just to chat!The first of these will take place in the Irish Centre in Camden Square on Monday 8th February, starting at 7:30pm. Another will be at the Marchmont Community Centre on Wednesday 2nd March at 7:30pm.Second, in addition to my regular advice surgeries in the Town Hall and Roy Shaw Community Centre in Gospel Oak, I want to hold surgeries in other places across the constituency so that more people can reach me. My next surgery will therefore be at St Pancras Station (the Betjeman Statue Space, Upper Level) at 10am on 12th February. I will also be holding a surgery at 10am on 29th February at the West Euston Partnership One Stop Shop in Hampstead Road. Beyond that, I will be visiting a number of local schools and community groups where I will be holding drop-in sessions.You do not need an appointment for these, and I hope as many constituents will come along as possible.

Weekly update 25th January 2016

Last week was varied to say the least. On Saturday 16th I spoke at the Fabian ‘Framing the Future’ conference, making the case for a bold, radical and ambitious Labour project; the same day I joined our teams campaigning for Sadiq Khan and Andrew Dismore in London. By Monday I was leading for Labour in the debate on Donald Trump’s offensive remarks about Muslims, women and migrants. Meanwhile, I spent a while on European issues, including the EU referendum and the Human Rights Act. And on Thursday I was pleaded to join the Trade Union Council at a public meeting to oppose the Trade Union Bill. Continue reading

Weekly update 15th January 2016

This week has been taken up with a real focus on refugees; both here and in France, along with follow up action and meetings. In the midst of all that, we had the junior doctors’ action; for which the blame lies squarely at the government’s door. Continue reading

Personal reflections on the refugee camps at Calais and Dunkirk

Personal reflections on the refugee camps at Calais and Dunkirk Continue reading