Keir Starmer

Meeting an Indian women’s delegation on violence against women and girls

I was delighted to be asked by Jane Gordon of Sisters for Change to meet a delegation of Indian women who are in the UK to look at our policies and practices in this area. They were keen to have an interchange about some of the changes I was able to institute while I was the Director of Public Prosecutions. (Read more below). Continue reading

Weekly update 20th November 2015

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New clinic for breast and ovarian cancer research

A new research clinic has been opened at University College London Hospital. I was delighted to learn all about it. Learn about it too by reading my blog. Continue reading

Camden firemen who died in the blitz

On Friday 12 November I attended a service of dedication at the Euston fire station for a plaque to commemorate three firemen who were killed during the blitz. Michael Pinchen, a former fireman, gave a most moving explanation of the events that led to their deaths. He has kindly agreed for me to circulate it more widely, with some images from the service.  At the end is a description of the charity WW2 Firemen and Firewomen Remembrance Group, which organised this event, and a little about Mr Pinchen.  Keir Continue reading

weekly update 12 november 2015

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Weekly update 6th November 2015

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Event in Parliament, Thursday 29th October

I was delighted to welcome some sixty Holborn & St. Pancras residents to the House of Commons last Thursday. We held it just off the historic Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the the Palace of Westminster, dating back to 1097. There was plenty of lively discussion, with contributions from two of our Camden councillors, Pat Callaghan and Georgia Gould. Continue reading

Weekly update 30th October 2015

From tax credits to junior doctors’ contracts, it’s been a momentous week. Continue reading

Junior Doctors

Jeremy Hunt has been attempting to force a new contact on junior doctors. It would cut their pay by between 15% and 40% and force longer hours on them. Women who decide to have children and anyone doing research would be particularly severely effected.  Not surprisingly, they are furious – and quite rightly. The plan is not only a scandal, it would put patients at risk.  Many are now so fed up they have began planning to leave Britain altogether! A poll of more than 6,000 trainees found 42 per cent of junior doctors said they would go abroad in search of work if  the government went ahead with its plans.  At the heart of the dispute was an attempt to cut their pay by between 15% and 40% and force longer hours on them. What is really disturbing is that the Conservative government are prepared to go this far with an institution we all love and rely on: the NHS.  Continue reading

Weekly update 23rd October 2015

Well, not quite a weekly update, but nonetheless an update! Continue reading