Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer lays out five points for Government's Brexit plans

In a parliamentary debate about the Government's Brexit plans, Keir Starmer outlined five points for the Government's Brexit plans.

The shadow Brexit secretary says Labour's second requirement is for there to be enough detail in the plan for Parliament to undertake its duty of scrutiny.

The third requirement is for there to be enough detail to allow the OBR to do its job properly and check the government's cost plans; calling this a very important check and balance in the system. 

The fourth requirement is that the plan must have enough detail to allow the relevant devolved authorities to see if their specific concerns are being addressed; saying that "Brexit means Brexit" does not "come close" to addressing these concerns.

The final requirement is for there to be enough detail to build a "genuine consensus" on the plan - saying that the future of this country is bound up with these negotiations.

He says it is "wrong in principle" for the government to act solely in the interests of the 52% (who voted for Leave) or for a group within it. 

The referendum was not a vote to write those who voted to Remain out of their own history, he says; and calls on ministers to act in the national interest - "for the 100%

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