Keir Starmer

Keir's reply to constituents about military intervention in Syria

Read Keir Starmer's reponse to letters from constituents about military intervention in Syria.



I can assure you that I would consider any proposals the Government may bring forward on military intervention in Syria with the utmost caution.

I also believe that following the recent terrorist outrages in Paris and elsewhere it is vital that Parliament is able to calmly consider the best possible to way to tackle the clear threat that ISIL poses in Britain and abroad.

The situation in Syria is fluid and precarious. The case for intervention will have to be assessed if and when a vote is called. Having opposed the war in Iraq, my position is clear; there must be both a lawful basis and a compelling case before intervention could be countenanced. Neither is made out as things stand.

I believe that Britain should now push for a UN Security Council Resolution which could cover both a peace process for Syria and action to end the threat from ISIL. I also believe all possible efforts should be made to build on the recent peace talks in Vienna.

Thank you once again for your e-mail and for writing to me on this extremely important issue.


Yours sincerely,


Keir Starner, QC, MP