Keir Starmer

Letter sent to The Times on cuts to police

Keir Starmer co-authors a letter, with Shadow Minister for Policing Jack Dromey, to The Times about the Conservative Government's cuts to the policing budget.

Dear Editor, 

Six Police and Crime Commissioners are threatening the Home Office with legal action over the proposed cuts to their forces in England and Wales. Two are Labour.  Four Conservative. We cannot recall a similar initiative which so cuts across party lines.

David Cameron’s first term in office saw 17,000 police officers and 4,500 PCSOs lost. Now further cuts of between 25% and 40% are being considered. That threatens the loss of 22,000 more officers. We are witnessing the elimination of the ‘bobby on the beat.’ New and growing areas of crime, from terrorism to child sexual exploitation could go undetected. The threat to public safety and security is real and immediate.

The government needs to reconsider because the first duty of any government is the safety and security of its citizens.  



Keir Starmer QC MP

Jack Dromey MP