Keir Starmer

Regent's Park Action Day part 1

We will meet at 11am at 28 Silsoe House, Park Village East. The first campaign session will be 11am-1pm, followed by lunch at Dewana's on Drummond Street. We will set off from Dewana's at 2pm for our afternoon campaign session which will finish at 4pm. We will then regroup for a drink. 

Our Action Days are a great way to meet members, get to know local issues and learn about how and why we campaign. If you've never campaigned with us before, don't worry - it's great fun and we will give you all the support you will need!

Mahmud Khan Geoff Titley Ashley Wise Bernadette Oleary Isky Gordon Paul Waterhouse Frances Singer Anastasia Alura Shirene Fradet-Carim Clementine Bulso

Will you come?