Keir Starmer

The NHS needs a Labour Government

The Tory-led Government is presiding over a crisis in our NHS as they continue to put private profit before patient care. Unless a Labour Government is elected, the NHS will not exist in its current form in 10 years time as the Tories roll back public spending to 1930s levels. Over the winter, waiting times in A&Es across the country were amongst the worst the NHS has experienced, latest figures show.

Keir Starmer, Labour’s General Election candidate for Holborn and St. Pancras, said, "Doctors and nurses at our local hospitals - UCH, the Royal Free and the Whittington - are doing all they can to bring the best care to the people of Holborn & St Pancras. However, the NHS needs a Labour Government if it is to exist in its current form in five years’ time. Labour will deliver the joined-up care patients need, along with the extra investment, so that our NHS can serve us well."

Keir added, “This election will decide the future of the NHS. Only Labour will rise to the challenges. Labour’s plan will provide 20,000 additional nurses and 8,000 more GPs, guaranteeing patients a GP appointment within 48 hours, and easing pressures on A&E. The alternative will be a deepening crisis under the Conservatives.”