Keir Starmer

Weekly update 18th August 2016

The sun is up, the sky is blue and summer is really here! I hope you have been able to take a break, as I managed to do with my own family.

But politics has certainly not come to a halt. There are worrying developments in the NHS, with warning signs of the stress the system is under. And the first indications of the impact of the European Union referendum suggest that the concerns about the implications of Brexit were far from exaggerated.

Our nomination meeting 

The Labour leadership campaign is also well under way. Last Thursday 475 members of our party came to the St Pancras Church on Euston Road.



Owen Smith’s campaign sent Kate Green MP and Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign was represented by Murad Qureshi. Both gave strong presentations of their cases, and there then followed a vigorous debate, with our members making their points and asking questions. 

After the debate 474 votes cast. Jeremy Corbyn received 274 and Owen Smith 196, with 4 spoilt ballots.  The result was submitted to the national party, but does not directly contribute to the leadership election result. All members and registered and affiliated supporters entitled to vote will get their leadership ballots later this month. 

I put out this tweet:




Air pollution in Camden 

Anyone who lives in our area knows just how bad air quality can be. Our schools are among the most polluted in the country. And the air we breathe is a real threat to the elderly and the ill. 

This is something that has troubled me for some time and I am pleased to say that Camden Council has been working hard to try to tackle the problem. Councillor Meric Apac is the Cabinet member responsible for Sustainability and the Environment. 

We are planning a joint meeting on this pressing issue on 8th of September. Full details to follow!


Refugees and migration 

Over the summer I will be pulling together the information I gathered during the many visits and meeting I had on the immigration question. It is a complex area and I am looking forward to examining how the issues can be tackled. 

Certainly my visit to the camps in Calais, and the meetings I had with the refugees there, is an experience I will not forget.




My office is there to help 

Even if  Parliament is in recess, it does not mean that we are not there to help, if you need it. You can reach me: by letter at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

By phone: Tel: 020 7219 6234 or by email: