Keir Starmer

Weekly Update 22nd April 2016

Most of my Parliamentary work this week has centred on the Investigatory Powers Bill, which is still grinding its way through its committee stage – clause by clause. 

Rather than detailing this important but technical work I thought I would let you know about the rest of my week: my tour to Colchester, Ipswich and Cambridge (mentioned in my previous diary) fighting HS2 and meeting some really inspiring members of our community!



Syrian refugees, putting down roots after arriving in Colchester, were the first stop on last Friday’s journey. It is the latest leg of my ‘listen and learn’ tour, which is designed to help shape Labour’s policy on migration and refugees.


I have written a full report on the visit, which you can read here


Please let me know if you have any comments!


Fighting HS2


This is still a major priority and this week thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in the campaign between 650 and 700 petitions have been lodged with the House of Lords.


Councillor Heather Johnson and Robert Latham, were with me to see them safely lodged.




You may have seen the article in this week’s Camden New Journal in which I called for a ‘mini-inquiry’ into the alternative routes into Euston.


I wrote to Louse Ellman, chair-woman of the House of Commons transport committee, asking for a special probe into other options which – I argued – have not been properly assessed.


Among the alternatives is Old Oak Common. A new group, established by Sir Tim Lankester and John Neve, HS2 into London, has been established to put forward these proposals.


Happy Birthday Namaste Kitchen!


Since it opened on Parkway in 2011, Namaaste Kitchen has become part of the Camden scene.


Sabbir Karim – recognised as Chef of the Year in 2014 – has brought gourmet recipes from Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh to provide traditional cuisine with a modern twist.






My predecessor Frank Dobson opened Namaste Kitchen five years ago. Now it was my turn to celebrate its success with Sarah Hayward and Sabbir Karim’s family.


Somali Youth celebrate success


It was a real pleasure to meet so many young, enthusiastic Somalis at the 15th annual SYDRC Educational Achievement Awards.


The event – held at the Irish Centre – was addressed by the movement’s chair, Suber Abdikarim. He spoke eloquently about the pressures of living in London, and how difficult the community was finding to maintain family life, given the long hours so many had to work.


In the light of this it is wonderful to see how many pupils have gained such good grades in their exams. Congratulations to them all!




Today – Friday – I am off to Cardiff, on the next leg of my immigration and refugee tour. More next week!


Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who is campaigning for Sadiq Khan and Andrew Dismore.


The election on 5th May is now just around the corner and it is vital that we win London, on our road back to power.