Keir Starmer

Weekly update 29th April 2016

What a week! Fighting to get the government to take 3000 stranded refugee children from Europe, the Hillsborough inquest verdicts and the suspension of Ken Livingstone. 

Before I get down to explaining what’s taken place over the last week I just wanted to share with you this photograph from the Primary Career Conference organised for 26 schools at the British Library. 

What an inspirational, fun event! Helping these pupils begin to think about their futures…more below.


Hillsborough - Justice at last 

The verdict from the Hillsborough inquest was an incredible testament to the courage, determination and devotion of the families of the 96. 

On Wednesday Andy Burnham made an impassioned speech in parliament spelling out the painful lessons for all of us. 

If you missed his speech, it can be found in Hansard here.   



On Tuesday I travelled out to Basildon to speak at the CLP fundraising dinner. 

Gavin Callaghan had a great young team who are battling UKIP all the way!




EU Referendum 

Thursday I spoke for the In campaign at a packed event at the Law Society, setting out why we should stay in the EU; values, advantage and influence.


South Wales, Bristol and Plymouth 

Last weekend I was in Cardiff and Swansea campaigning with the Labour teams there, and also holding immigration roundtables and meetings. 

Today I am penning this diary from Plymouth where I’m about to address the CLP campaign meeting. It’s a close run election down here with everything to play for. 

This morning I was campaigning in Bristol with our great Labour candidate for Mayor Marvin Rees – good luck Marvin! 


Primary Careers Conference 

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your future – that was the message from this remarkable event. Held at the British Library, it brought together 192 pupils from Camden and Islington.




The aim is to equip them to be ‘Careers Champions’ who will go out and talk to their classmates about what paths they might explore in the future. 

They had a wide range of events to attend - from the brand new Francis Crick Institute, representing biological sciences to the Royal Veterinary College. There were stalls explaining crafts to workshops on architecture. 




I told them a little about the law as a career – including how itchy wigs are to wear in court! 

But my main message was: be alert to all the options you have – and don’t let anyone ever discourage you by saying that this is something you can’t do!


The London campaign 

We are in the final week – and what a prize we could win! 

Having Sadiq Khan as London mayor and backed by a solid Labour Assembly would be a huge step forward. 

I was delighted that more than 70 people turned out last weekend to campaign with Sadiq and Andrew Dismore, our Assembly candidate, in Kentish Town. A really wonderful achievement – but please do anything you can in this final week. And come out on the day to help get the vote out!